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Our mission is to provide the best services.

The Platform Group is a group made up of unique minds” Here in TPG, we do music productions, mixing and mastering, music arrangement, vocal coaching, song writing, lyrical content creation, Artiste management, organization of shows and so much more.

Our sound Engineers respond every time with a big warm smile.
We secure some of the most exciting Sync placements for our talented Artists, Songwriters, Labels, and Publishers.

Our Studio Services

As recording engineers and producers, we find ourselves in an ever-evolving landscape of music recording and production.

Music Recording​

With the best musical facilities, we record the best sound for our artists.​

Mixing and Editing​​

We mix and edit all sound production to our client satisfaction.​


Mastering of all sound production for quality music production.​.


TPG Projects

These projects initiated by the holy spirit such as;
1. Project Stars
This project offers an all exclusive free musical production for children from 0-12 years of age. They are the future.




These are musical productions that we were directly or indirectly
involved in; maybe in the instrumentation, voice recording, arrangement
or direction, lyrical content, mixing and mastering aspects of the
project. These are but a few.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

Working with ELI-J on this project, God Alone, was such a great feeling as he understood what I wanted to achieve and also was able to maintain the spiritual atmosphere that was present the very first time I brought him into the project. Thank you ELI-J for being patient with the many times we had to effect corrections on the song... I appreciate your MM... BLESS YOU... I appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship
JOE PRAIZE (Nigeria)
I cant wait to work with ELI-J again .. he is spiritually and intellectually intelligent .. you bring an uncooked meal and he cooks with the best methods and spices .. both songs I have done with him have been blessing lives and I have several testimonies. He has the best back up singers and his sense of sound is profound .. thank God for ELI-J!
SOPHIYA (Nigeria)
It's always beautiful working with Eli-J, his spontaneous creativity during recording session is inspiring. He doesn't delay on project. Recording session with Eli-J is always comfortable and fun fill.

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These are independent or contracted ace producers we have either partnered with, or worked with on several earth shaking projects with amazing responses. So clients, we have made it easy for you to locate them. Kindly book your sessions.


'These are 'independent' artistes whose music ministry we have positively impacted ever since we came in contact with them.


These are independent icons of music with unique and skillful abilities vital to a project such as; back up vocals, playing an instrument or more. These personalities are spiritual and the best to work with. Do say Hi when you meet them in your Concerts. Kindly book them today. *Amara, Maggi, Blessing, Seun Sax, Violinist, Efosa, Dray, Dankeyz,