The Platform Group Production

An endless passion for music, for Awake.
for discovery, for people, for life.

‘ELI-J’ (Pronounced as Elly-jay) is an International Gospel Music minister, a presenter, a vocal coach, a music producer and also the C.E.O of “The Platform Group”. A young man of few words with “a soul piercing voice that multiplies at the sound of a country- jazz melody and sometimes pop- rock. The words communicated through these sounds flow out of the very heart and passion for which this young man exists – His passion for Christ and his desire to get many to come to know His love like he does. This was expressed in his hit song titled ‘Somebody Knows’ where he stirred many to tears and comfort of the Holy Spirit having the assurance that He knows everything they go through even when no one does.

This song specially drew the attention of His Mentor, Pastor and Father to many, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D D.SC D.D who was also touched by such beautiful music. His music always trends a delightful meaning to the hearers with a unique fusion of melody and inspiring lyrics. Other songs like ‘To my unborn child’,  ‘Song of Victory’, ‘Zoe’, ‘I believe in Miracles’ have several of such testimonies following. It’s no doubt that this charming soul has so much to give the world in blessing lives and communicating the love of Christ in a powerful way. You can stay connected through this platform as he has so much more than music to offer you.

"It's time
to change
The world"


Passion never die. It grows
stronger every day.

The Platform Group is a group made up of Unique minds with the vision of creating the personality of Jesus in the world helping many other people express varied specific potentials