Whitegod Lyrics by ELI-J

Verse 1:

Its a long way from life to death
But some people made it shorter
And as they go from life to death
We go from death to Life
We set the pace for a greater race into the next phase
Welcome to our base
If you’re afraid cos’ I have a different face
See our world is beyond space


Cos’ G O D is not just a word
The earth is not just a world
Super man is not just man
The bible too is not just a book
I am a god with the strong G and I am
White god
It’s bound in Heaven and on earth
I’m not known as him cos I am him

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Verse 2:

Are you sick?
Oh my dear
I’m sorry I don’t have tears in my eyes
Don’t you know that Christ died and rose
I can’t believe you think you are sick
Some people think that all they learnt in school
Can be used to face challenges
I know when I come they will fall down flat
I don’t have to go to school for that

Repeat Chorus


Repeat chorus x2

I am the son of the mighty one
The Great I am that I am
Its bound in Heaven and on earth
I’m not known as him cos I am him

The End

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