I won’t Back Down lyrics by ELI-J

ELI-J?: “I won’t back down”
Verse 1:
When they are feeling down
When they are feeling sad
You say I’m happier than the world
When they are feeling dumb
When they are feeling dull
You say I’m wiser than the world

I gat so much inside me
I’m never gonna leave until I’m done reaching the world
Yea ehnn
They’ve tried to put me down
They’ve tried to talk me down
But I’m not gonna stop speaking the word no

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No I won’t back down 2x
For I have come with the word of hope
No I won’t back down
I will stand my ground to behold my crown
For they will fall down like the walls of Jericho
No i won’t back down

Verse 2:
We were chosen
A peculiar people
We are the best of the lord
So DNT be discouraged or DNT you know that
We’re the hope of the world

When they are feeling lost
Lead them out of the dark
For we’re the light of the world
I cannot be feeling down
I cannot be feeling sad
For we are the Joy of the world yea

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